Gleanings in Exodus - CCS

By Pink A W

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Gleanings in Exodus - CCS by A W Pink and published by Classics Publishing.

Historically, the book of Exodus treats of the deliverance of Israel from Egypt; but viewed doctrinally, it deals with redemption. Just as the first book of the Bible teaches that God elects unto salvation, so the second instructs us how God saves, namely, by redemption. Redemption, then, is the dominant subject of Exodus. Following this, we are shown what we are redeemed for - worship, and this characterizes Leviticus, where we learn of the holy requirements of God and the gracious provisions He has made to meet these. In Numbers we have the walk and warfare of the wilderness, where we have a typical representation of our experiences as we pass through this scene of sin and trial - our repeated and excuseless failures, and God's long-sufferance and faithfulness.

According to Pink he reveals that the contents of Exodus falls into five divisions, which we may summarize as follows:

First, we see the need for redemption - pictured by a people enslaved: Chapters 1 - 6.

Second, we are shown the might of the Redeemer - displayed in the plagues on Egypt: Chapters 7 - 11.

Third, we behold the character of redemption - purchased by blood, emancipated by power: Chapters 12 - 18.

Fourth, we are taught the duty of the redeemed - obedience to the Lord: Chapters 19 to 24.

Fifth, we have revealed the provisions made for the failures of the redeemed - seen in the tabernacle and its services: Chapters 25 - 40.

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