Job 21 - 37 - Volume 18a - WBC

By Clines David

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This is the second part of David Cline's commentary on the book of Job, covering chapters 21-37. Cline's masterful exposition of Job consistently maintains an alertness to both the windings of its arguments and the theological problem it raises, which is the conflict of faith and experience. Let Cline guide you through what he sees as the "most theologically and intellectually intense book of the Old Testament." Gain a measure of Cline's appreciation for the craftsmanship inherent in Job, as he looks at how its author ties together metaphor and theology in a "perenially uplifting and not infrequently euphoric experience."

Unique features of Job 21-37 by David A. Cline:

* Detailed look at how each element in Job is absolutely necessary

* Brilliant examination of how the interweaving of literary and theological perspectives reveals the richness of Job

* A comprehensive general bibliography, and pericope bibliographies

* Theological and spiritual insights from sermons and popular devotions

* A verse-by-verse exposition that unravels the arguments and identifies the distinctive viewpoints of the speakers in Job

* An explanation of why different English versions of Job have such divergent translations

* Cline's own translations of various passages and speeches

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