Classic Sermons - Miracles of Jesus

By Wiersbe Warren

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The miracles of Jesus were demonstrations of the power of God and were not performed just to impress a curious humanity. They testified to Christ's divinity, His Omnipotence, and his compassion for the victims of sin, suffering and demonic possession.

Wiersbe has chosen 12 classic sermons on the miracles of Jesus that will both encourage and the reader to a greater faith in our powerful Lord.

Included in this volume are:

* "Empty Waterpots - J Vernon McGee.

* "Wouldest Thou be made Whole?" - G Campbell Morgan.

* "The Healing of One Born Blind" - C H Spurgeon.

* "The Raising of the Widow of Nain's Son" - Martin Luther.

The Kregel Classic Sermons Series provides pastors and speakers with excellent background and starter material for sermons preparation. Christian readers will appreciate the solid Biblical content and spiritual encouragement from this classic sermons.

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