Authentic Ministry: Serving from the Heart

By Reeves Michael

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Authentic Ministry: Serving from the Heart by Michael Reeves and published by Union School of Theology.

Where does authentic ministry lie? The answer of this books is: in the heart. Authentic ministry is not simply a matter of mastering professional skills or of endlessly pouring oneself out in works of service. Rather, it springs from joyful union with the heart of Christ.

Authentic Ministry offers practical guidance and spiritual nourishment for all who desire to serve from the heart. Each of the nine chapters orients readers to the "one thing [that] is necessary" (cf. Luke 10:42}—abiding in Christ—whilst asking and answering questions both simple and profound: What is prayer? How should I respond to suffering? Who is my friend? What is theology? What does it mean to love?

This short volume originated as a series of talks delivered to various assemblies of students, pastors in training, and church leaders in the UK and beyond. The book's style and content, then, are reminiscent of the author's in-person teaching. More than just a compendium of advice of list of helpful ideas, Authentic Ministry provides companionship and clarity for Christian minsters who truly believe: "out of the abundance of the heart, [one's] mouth speaks" (Luke 6:45).

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