Surviving Friendly Fire

By Ronald Dunn

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ICM Price £3.99

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Surviving Friendly Fire: How to Respond When You're Hurt by Someone You Trust by Ronald Dunn and published by Kingsway Publications.

Churches are full of hurting and wounded people. Tragically, many of them have been hurt not by enemies but by friends or fellow believers. Ronald Dunn has seen firsthand the damage that results from friendly fire, and he offers relief through insightful, easy-to-read reflections from the Bible and real-life examples of those who have lived through it. In Surviving Friendly Fire, readers will:

* Understand what friendly fire is and why people engage in it.

* Discover how to survive friendly fire and recover from it.

* Learn to "get even" God's way.

Surviving Friendly Fire is a healing balm for anyone who has been betrayed, hurt, or let down by family, friends, or fellow believers.

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Publisher Kingsway
ISBN 9780854767748
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