The Faith, A Symposium of Bible Doctrine

By Tatford Fred A

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The Faith, A Symposium of Bible Doctrine edited by Fredk A Tatford and published by Classics.

In view of the number of textbooks on Bible doctrine already in existence, it may be questioned whether there is

any justification for adding to the list, but this symposium is not intended to supersede any of the standard works on dogmatic or systematic theology nor to act as a substitute for the more technical treatise needed by

the theological student. Its

object is

rather to provide a simple restatement of Bible truths in language which can be understood by the ordinary reader, and all technical terms and textbook phraseology have, therefore, as far as possible, been avoided.

A symposium naturally differs from a book penned by one writer since a

multiple authorship necessarily results in a variety of style and expression-and possibly even

of literary and exposi­tional standard. To some readers this may appear a disadvantage but, on the other hand, it may perhaps be argued that the combined witness of so many recognized teachers has a compensatory value. No book on Bible doctrine can claim to be complete and this symposium is no exception. It will, however, be found to cover the principal doctrines of the Christian faith. A small measure of overlapping has been unavoidable in


case of

some chapters but, in such instances, the chapters will be found to be comple­mentary rather than repetitive.

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