Christ in the Creed

By Scroggie W Graham

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Christ in the Creed by W Graham Scroggie and published by Classics Publishing.

The modern drift from Creeds points to spiritual anarchism and contempt of all authority and tradition. But the Christian, as well as the scientist, artist and philosopher, must have a Creed. It is in the nature of the human mind to have a Creed, and this applies to religion as well as to all the affairs of life. Is anyone foolish enough to suggest that all men should scrap their creeds? - the astronomer, geologist, biologist, lawyer, doctor, carpenter or farmer? If not these, then why the Christian?

Creeds are epitomes of truths or facts: the summarised knowledge on which one acts. The nature of a Creed is to state the truths of any department of nature and revelation in clear terms and in proper order and proportion. A Creed has at least a threefold design:

* To lead to wide and clear knowledge of God

* To be a basis of Christian teaching

* To promote spiritual life.

Therefore the purpose of a Creed, especially the Apostles Creed which this book has in view, is that truth be defined, proclaimed and experienced.

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