KJV Open Bible, Reference Comfort Print, Brown Hardback Edition


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ICM Price £17.99

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KJV Open Bible, Reference Comfort Print, Brown Hardback Edition and published by Thomas Nelson.

The Open Bible is the ultimate reference Bible that demonstrates God's sovereignty of human history through the production of humanity's first hyperlinked written text. Coupled with a time-tested complete reference system that is trusted by millions of readers, the Open Bible has an easy-to-navigate topical index with 50,000 entries showing the connections between 8,000 names, places, concepts, events, and doctrines.

Other study helps include book introductions and outlines that provide historical context, themes, and verse relationships. Grasp the breadth of Scripture with a newly designed Visual Survey of the Bible that displays an easy-to-follow overview of Scripture's components and genres. Experience the Bible the way that God intended it to be: open and accessible to everyone so that "none should not perish, but have everlasting life"!


* How to Study the Bible

* The Scarlet Thread of Redemption

* Harmony of the Gospels

* Prophecies of the Messiah

* The Miracles of Jesus Christ

* The Parables of Jesus Christ

* Teachings and Illustrations of Christ

* Guide for Christian Workers

* Laws of the Bible

* One-year reading plan

* Full-color maps

* Words of Christ in red

* Center Column Cross References

* 9 point type

* Dimensions: 9.50" X 6.50" X 1.75"

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Publisher Nelson
Type Hardback
ISBN 9780785222842
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