Jesus Christ: His Miracles - CCS - SOTS

By Butler John

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ICM Price £19.99

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Jesus Christ: His Miracles, Studies of the Saviour - CCS by John Butler and published by Classics.

Pastor Butler provides exhaustive treatment of the miracles of our Blessed Saviour. Over thirty miracles are discussed in depth, with clear outlines and competent exposition. In this book on the miracles of Christ, Butler examines thirty-three miracles which Christ performed during His earthly ministry. He divides these miracles into four categories for study:

* The Ruling of Nature

* The Restoring of Health

* The Removing of Demons

* The Raising of the Dead

The purpose of this study is to instruct the reader about the person and work of our wonderful Saviour, Jesus Christ. Few people know much about Christ though they talk about Him as though they were well-acquainted with Him. Right knowledge will correct a lot of poor doctrine, and if there is anywhere we need right knowledge, it is in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. The understanding of the issues of life that really matter is dependent upon our knowledge of Christ.

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Publisher Classics
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