Christian Basics, A Handbook of the Christian Faith

By John Stott

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ICM Price £5.99

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Christian Basics, A Handbook of the Christian Faith by John Stott and published by Hodder Faith.

Christianity the world's largest religion: almost a third of the population describe themselves as Christian. Over 2000 years since it first started, no other religion has had such cultural and global impact and millions today claim their lives are completely changed by their decision to be a Christian.

But what is a Christian and how do you become one? What do? Christians actually believe and how does that impact their everyday life. As an introduction to Christianity or a refresher course in the essentials, Christian Basics is a concise but comprehensive guide. These include:

· How to become a Christian

· How to grow as a Christian

· Belief in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit

· Why church is important

· What a Christian life looks like.

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Publisher Hodder
Type Paperback
ISBN 9781444790146
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