Mordecai - The Defender of the Jews - CCS - BBS

By Butler John

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ICM Price £13.99

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Mordecai - The Defender of the Jews - CCS by John Butler and published by Classics.

Why is the title of this book Mordecai and not Esther? Butler answers this question and delves into the life of Mordecai in the following chapters: * Carousing in the Palace

* Choosing a New Queen

* Conspiracy Against the King

* Campaign Against the Jews

* Counsel for the Queen

* Coming to the King

* Contempt Fifty Cubits High

* Compensation for Loyal Deed

* Condemning the Jews’


* Countering the Evil Campaign

* Conquest by the Jews

* Commencing of Purim Days

* Celebrity in the Land

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Publisher Classics
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