NKJV Waterproof Bible, Blue Wave


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ICM Price £39.99

RRP: £49.99 (Saving of 20%)

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NKJV Waterproof Bible, Blue Wave, Flexicover and published by Bardin & Marsee Publishing.

The durability of the Waterproof Bible gives you the freedom to take God's Word with you anywhere—boating, traveling, camping... with worry free confidence that your Bible will withstand the test of time.


* Complete text of the NKJV Bible * Extremely durable synthetic pages * 100% worry free * Stain resistant * Ultra clear text * Ideal for tote bag or backpack * Dry highlight, write, and underline * Double Column Layout * No bleed-thru * F~L~O~A~T~S * Presentation page * 7-point text size * 8.75" x 6.00" x 1.50"

Product Details

Publisher BMP
Type Flexicover
ISBN 9781609690229
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