In The Beginning God Created

By Brown Alison

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ICM Price £2.79

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In The Beginning God Created by Alison Brown and publishing by Day One Publications.

Who made God? Where did the world come from? How did the first man get here? Children need answers to these questions, and God, who alone was present at the beginning, provides them in his Word, the Bible.

Parents sometimes argue that children should be allowed to choose what to believe about origins when they are older....but if we fail to teach the Bible to children we are actually removing that choice. They are left with nothing but man’s theory of evolution. We need to teach Creation, not just because it is God-given truth, but because it is the foundation to God’s glorious plan of redemption.

In the Beginning God created... is designed for children in the upper primary school age-group. Filled with activities, puzzles and drawing opportunities, it presents truth, backed up with scripture references, in a format your child will enjoy! A song, designed to help children remember the order of Creation events, is also included. A5 size booklet

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Publisher Day One
Type Paperback
ISBN 9781846254444
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