John Bunyan on the Sabbath (Classic Booklet) CBS

By Reisinger John

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John Bunyan on the Sabbath (Classic Booklet) CBS by John Reisinger and published by Classics.

John G. Reisinger, well-know and well-loved evangelist, author, and teacher of the Word of God for over fifty years continues, with this booklet, to explore the relationship between law and grace - specifically the relationship of the New Covenant saint to the keeping of the seventh day Sabbath.

In exploring a treatise on this topic by John Bunyan, John Reisinger shows that: "Bunyan proves beyond question the following:

(1) the seventh day Sabbath was not given to Adam; it was first made known to Israel at Sinai.

(2) The seventh day Sabbath is not a moral commandment: it is a ceremonial commandment.

(3) The seventh day Sabbath was given only to the Nation of Israel; never to the Gentiles."

If you struggle with understanding how to keep the Sabbath, this booklet will be of great help.

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