Why Are You Here?

By Blanchard John

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ICM Price £6.99

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Why Are You Here? Searching For the Meaning of Life by John Blanchard and published by Evangelical Press.

Why Are You Here? A simple question in itself. The answer of course is so much more complex.

The quest to make sense of things has perennially occupied the minds of philosophers and scientists. It underlies the passion of so many great intellectuals to ‘get to the root of things’. Unless we can answer that question, at the end of the day nothing really makes sense much beyond itself.

Nobody who thinks seriously about life can avoid the question the title of this book asks, and finding the answer to it is a transforming experience. In these pages the award-winning British author John Blanchard shows how to avoid wrong turnings when thinking through the issue and lays out a clear, straightforward road map showing how to be sure of going in the right direction.

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Publisher Evangelical Press
Type Paperback
ISBN 9781783970681
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