Islam & Christianity, Pamphlet

By Rose

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Islam & Christianity, Pamphlet published by Rose Publishing.

This concise pamphlet allows you to compare the basic beliefs of Christians and Muslims (those who follow the Islamic faith) at a glance. It will help you reach out to your Muslim friends and neighbors with understanding, and learn how to answer misunderstandings.

Topics include:

* Founder, Date, Location

* Life After Death

* Who is God?

* Key Writings and Scriptures

* Who is Jesus?

* Sects and Denominations

* Who is the Holy Spirit?

* Prophets and Angels

* Major Doctrines and Beliefs

More than one billion people around the world follow the teachings of Muhammad and Islam. And the number of Muslims is growing rapidly. Learn what beliefs Christians and Muslims have in common and which are different. Avoid common mistakes Christians make when communicating with Muslims at school, neighborhood, and at work. Know what Muslims have been taught about Christianity and how to answer their questions and concerns. Be aware of cultural differences. Ages 12 to adult.

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Publisher Rose
Type Paperback
ISBN 9781890947675
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