The Gospel in Exodus - CCS

By Law Henry

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The Gospel in Exodus by Henry Law.

The object of these pages is simple, clear and holy. It is to arouse attention to the blessed truth, that Christ pervades all Scripture, as salt all waters of the sea, as light the brightest day, as fragrance the garden of choice flowers.

Without Christ, religion is a sunless firmament; public service is a casket without jewel; life is a dreary passage to a dreadful end; the home is no abode of peace; the family has no strong bond of lasting love; the trade yields no returns of worthy profit; death is a downfall into unfathomable abyss; and eternity prolongs unutterable woe. Without Christ, health is no healing of soul-sickness, and sickness is a prelude to immitigable pain. Without Christ, prosperity is an adverse tide, and adversity is a foreshadowing of deeper misery. Birth is no boon, if Christ be never born within. Life is no gain, except to live be Christ. Apart from Him, God is an adversary; Scripture sounds condemnation; Satan is waiting for his victim; his prison-house is ready to receive.

Therefore the desire in these pages is to turn minds to clear discoveries of their Lord. The Father’s eye moves not from Him. The Spirit never wearies to reveal Him. Angelic intellect pants to dive more into His depths. The saints in light find Him increase of everlasting light. May the unfolding Spirit help each reader to glean more in the golden field of Scripture; and may the Book of Exodus be found a boundless treasury of Christ!

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