50 Wackiest Bible Stories

By Robb Andy

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ICM Price £4.99

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50 Wackiest Bible Stories by Andy Robb and published by CWR.

A nine-foot giant, puppet kings, a dazzling dancer, big fish travel, getting a drink out of a rock, the right and wrong ways to carry a box the size of a coffee table, what we can learn from ants, why it might be better to live on your roof than inside your house – these are just a few of the stories that you can enjoy between the covers of this very wacky book.

Learn about odd ways of travelling and odd ways of doing things. Discover what Jesus said about pearls and pigs, wolves pretending to be sheep and how to be a shining light. Get the heads up on some scaredy-cat spies and find out about a host of unusual dynamic double acts.

Using colourful cartoons and his own fun style of storytelling, Andy Robb brings fifty more Bible stories to life. In every one, he leaves you with a cliff hanger and a question – but don’t worry, he tells you where to look in your Bible to find out how the stories end!

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Publisher CWR
Type Paperback
ISBN 9781853459832
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