How to Study the Bible *

By Torrey R A

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How to Study the Bible: Profit and pleasure from the Word of God by R A Torrey and published by Rickfords Hill Publiishing.

How can we get the most out of the Bible? Renowned preacher and evangelist R. A. Torrey says that the Bible is like a gold-mine, and in order to benefit most and discover its hidden riches, we need to put some work in. Whereas many are content just to read the Word of God, to those who are willing to put in some time and effort, the rewards are enormous.

Torrey outlines the methods he has found most helpful in studying the Bible, giving examples of different types of study, how to start and how each study might proceed. Just as importantly, he sets out the necessary spiritual conditions for the one seeking to study in order for him to derive maximum benefit.

Proven for over a hundred years, this classic work serves both to encourage the serious study of the Scriptures and to show how it can best be done.

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Publisher RHP
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ISBN 9781905044245
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