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The Life of John Newton, 1831 Version by ASSU and published by Attic Books.

The inspiring biography of the man who lived and penned Amazing Grace!

-Poignant letters and vignettes from John Newton's own memoirs

-his life as a despairing beggar, slave ship captain, and finally, a tireless man of God

-His lifelong search for theological knowledge, and his mentoring of young ministers

-Meticulous reproduction from the 1831 original biography.

A mother who believed her beloved son would be a minister. The angry son who chose a different path - one of disobedience until he became transformed into an influential minister and hymnist. Such is the life of John Newton - a man who fled the face of God until so hardened of heart that a life for Christ seemed an impossibility. A near death experience upon the seas set him on a journey to re-discover the God of his childhood. He would continue to grow in the faith until he fulfilled a dream of ministry. Learn more about the man who's own heart cried out the words of "Amazing Grace" and who's voice always spoke of God's limitless mercy and forgiveness.

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Publisher Attic
Type Hardback
ISBN 9780890516201
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