KJV Scofield Study Bible 3rd Edit thiumb index Black Bonded Leather


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ICM Price £39.99

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For one hundred years, the Scofield Study Bible has been an indispensable aid, both as an introduction for the novice and as a companion for a lifetime of study, offering assistance on every page, whether for simple research or deep reflection. This new Centennial Edition marks this century-long tradition. It will be a meaningful gift for everyone who wants to learn more about the word of God. Features:

* Subject-based topical chain-reference system

* Side-column references

* More than 100 boxed articles

* Expanded book introductions

* Subject and a proper name index

* Historical essay by Paul Karleen

* New color and black-and-white maps

* Words of Christ in red text

* Presentation page

* 1968 pages

* Dimensions: 9.5 X 6.75 X 1.75 (inches)

* Text Size: 9-10 Point

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Publisher Oxford
Type Bonded Leather
ISBN 9780195278521
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