Meet Sophie, 2 Books in 1 - Vol 1

By Rue Nancy

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ICM Price £4.89

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Meet Sophie, 2 Books in 1 - Vol 1, Sophie's World and Sophie's Secret by Nancy Rue and published by Zondervan.

Meet Sophie LaCroix, a creative soul with a desire to become a great film director someday, and she definitely has a flair for drama! Her overactive imagination frequently lands her in trouble, but her faith and friends always save the day. This bindup includes two-books-in-one.

Sophie's World: Future film director Sophie LaCroix visits Williamsburg, Virginia, where her imagination sends her into the eighteenth century, and she learns old battle techniques from Colonial times. Once home, her new-found war tactics come to the rescue when she uncovers a plot by the popular girls to humiliate Sophie's friend.

Sophie's Secret: Sophie and her friends launch an 'archaeological expedition' and make a disturbing discovery. Sophie uncovers a shocking family secret. In light of this new revelation, will she ever be able to trust her parents again?

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Publisher Zondervan
Type Paperback
ISBN 9780310738503
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