Exploring the Evidence for Creation

By Henry Morris

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Exploring the Evidence for Creation, Reasons to Believe the Biblical Account by Henry Morris III and published by Harvest House.

In Exploring the Evidence for Creation, Henry Morris III merges years of meticulous research alongside the latest findings of science to present powerful evidence that upholds the biblical account of the earth's beginnings. In response to the growing number of Christians who attempt to marry evolutionary theories with the biblical account of creation, Morris ably demonstrates the two worldviews are entirely incompatible. In this survey of the evidence for creation he answers these crucial questions:

* What does the natural world teach us about creation?

* Can we observe evolution happening today?

* Can we believe in a Creator and still be true to science?

Morris lays out evidence that is rational, scientific, and biblical. Readers will marvel as they discover the many ways that scientific research points, with stunning clarity, to a Creator and Designer whose glory is very much on display in the cosmos.

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Publisher Harvest
Type Paperback
ISBN 9780736947213
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